Mid scene

A to B connected by an infinite line

a circle that just goes around and around and you never reach the other end,

words were lost between them

and so were our bodies.

The names written on the table are filled with dirt

they can’t be read anymore.

Everything in front of me is filled with dirt too, because

nothing makes sense after I’ve read it that many times over.

I’ve listened to the words you said till they all blended together

and made a soup of random letters and words.

I go in circles at the edge of the bowl till I forget where I’m going

then I see it again, on the edge of the table

you and an empty plate with my words being served.

a love story that’s not about love at all

There were days where I was on the edge of love 

and others where I turned violet at the mention of your name.

A small word that can suffocate

on the edge of the world I remembered the smoke that rose from my lunges and I remembered you

it always comes back to them, the hurricane or the rain,

they all start out sounding the same.

Baby pink then full on gushing blood 

Love me love me like I love you.

I’d like to apologize for the time I held your hand and the time I said I had it too 

and the one about butterflies and the one where I screamed your name.

I never understood it,

it’s like feeding you apples when you’re turning shades of blue.

We always lied about them when we knew they’re not right 

rain and rain has turned into rainbows

hurricanes too

they all had the same job: you’re not alone.

early winter

Death has a sound to it

it’s a silence that makes you go insane

I can’t handle listening to it anymore,

everything goes in circles, around and around.

empty chairs and beds I crave anything to make myself not notice.

I feel like a weight on the world sometime, a heavy load

I can’t seem to look up, looking into people’s eyes seems harder then I remember.

The only thing I care for I killed painfully,

I was trying to make myself want you again,

I think I did but I refused to admit that I believe love exists.

The world might be grieving with me,

it all just looks a bit darker, harder and if you look really hard you can see it bleeding from the corners

Telling me here lies the bones of a happy life

and here of hope.

With that all you wished for died and maybe you did too.

Unintentional Baggage

Left, right, left, right

Two straight minutes,

look down spit it out,

blue all around the sink.

Your words are filled with blue

look in the mirror nothing is clean still.

Spitting blue on everyone you see,

all I meant was to show you myself, I didn’t mean to ruin all your clothes.

Talking too early after you’ve bitten your tongue? one can do that sometimes,

and all the waters blue.

I’m drowning in a sea and I’m holding a knife

it’s filled with blue who did I hurt?

I can’t seem to remember holding such pain.

Deep blues cover your eyes now, deep blues.

Almost in Red

Walk on a piece of wood

in a straight line, doesn’t that remind you of something?

Of the pirate pushing the treacherous thief off the boat,

walking slowly with a knife to his back

Let’s imagine that again but here I’m the regretted act and we all hope it never happened 

and again but this time I’m the sun shine reflected off of the water,

everything but the point of the act itself.

Going around in circles and a gun shot blows up in your head,

collect the pieces 

put it together it’s never the same we know that,

some pieces are never found some alter forever.

The smoke of the cigaret is rising and the unidentified smokers are building a bomb,

it’s a secret war where no one knows they’re fighting,

but everyone knows they’ll die.

The knife is still poking your back, you can’t lay down 

it’s all aching and your better off dead,

but you never do, you’re in deeper than graves, and the colorful trees never look good anymore.

and somehow that hurts most of all.

It’s the End

The words I never got to tell you turned into rivers and oceans,

where an angel of you swims every night painting it colors of love I never saw,

a game you play with a drowning soul.

It’s not about you this one, its not. It’s about the pain that hits when the cool air finally hits the open wound.

I’ll take a deep breath before the big wave, crossing my fingers for it to drown me out

It always seems so obvious at the moment, but after hundreds of cycles nothing is

I’m not the same I never will be; yet I think about it all the time

the oblivious fears and feelings

like a gunshot scene but where’s my shot why am I still breathing this should’ve been the end of it, you can’t have me go to heaven then throw me in earth again

Look around you they’re all dead

with pretty flowers on top.

Lucky them heaven will be waiting maybe it’s my turn to kill or to bury the poor bodies of the innocent, but am I meant to be buried alive?

the dirt is falling out of your nose or are you just turning into ash?

Let it be known the innocent never dies alone.

Lost in the middle

I wish I was born in a world where I never met you

it was like an explosion of colors in the gray and I’m terrified

white and black meet in the middle and I’m all alone,

a hood to cover my head and a door to cover my mind.

you know I thought you were hell turns out I can fall in love with the heat.

The idea of hell never was appealing I’ll give you that, never looked good never made sense,

but being lost inside felt like heaven.

I kept exploding into a void and it looked like fireworks,

it was so pretty but my blood ran low and I was about to melt away.

You shot me once I fell you shot me twice I ran for my life.

I really thought I made another heaven for you don’t you think? I grew the roses and filled the oceans,

but we all know entertainment grows old after a while;

yet I can’t tell which one was it me or you,

who held the gun and who bled to death.